"la libertad nos une, la unión nos libera" Ibn Arabi, Murcia S XII

"la libertad nos une, la unión nos libera" Ibn Arabi, Murcia S XII _"Freedom unites us, unity frees us"


La Maruja, de 9 barris - rebutja la medalla d'or de L'ajuntament del Trias

Barcelona.- A l'alcalde convergent Xavier Trias se li han remogut el cervell i les tripes quan la Maruja, Maruja Ruíz Martos, de 9 Barris, s'ha negat a que li lliurés la medalla d'honor de la ciutat perquè Trias, i CiU, formen part del govern que està fotent al poble.


ContraSpot de Movistar

De los creadores del spot mejorado de Bankia, llega el spot mejorado de Movistar.


Una Granja para el Futuro

Se trata de una historia real, narrada en primera persona por su realizadora Rebecca Hosking, quien se plantea como proyecto de vida el regreso a su Devon natal para hacerse cargo de la vieja granja familiar. Desde su trayectoria profesional de documentalista realizadora varias películas sobre vida silvestre, Rebecca se pregunta aquí cómo hacer para transformar el establecimiento agrícola de su familia localizado en el Sur de Inglaterra, en una granja de bajo consumo energético más adecuada para un futuro cercano, en el que evidentemente los combustibles fósiles serán cada vez más escasos.

Los subtitulos en español fueron realizados en forma autogestionada por el Movimiento de Transición de la Comarca Andina, Patagonia Argentina.

Para ver la ficha técnica completa y un resumen más detallado de este documental, visitar:


Mercats líquids de l’aigua

dels nostres amics de http://hortdignebcn.wordpress.com

El 16 de novembre del 2011 a l’hotel NH Constanza va tenir lloc un acte privat per parlar sobre la nostra aigua. L’aigua, ens referim, a la de tota la població. Sobre la gestió de l’aigua ja s’havia fet anteriorment un procés de participació ciutadana amb tota la gent que veieu al video, però ara,en el punt en que es troba aquest debat no se’ls ha deixat entrar. Sí que podien participar a l’acte aquells qui van pagar 1200 euros més IVA per assistir-hi; que van gaudir còmodament de la jornada a l’Hotel de Cuatre Estrelles de la Diagonal de Barcelona.

Egyptians reclaim Tahrir as revolution flares up anew

from our friends of  www.roarmag.org.

Post image for Egyptians reclaim Tahrir as revolution flares up anew
Dozens killed and thousands injured as protesters take back Tahrir Square in a bid to reclaim their revolution and overthrow the military regime.

After 9 months of slow-motion “trench warfare”, during which the military transition council hijacked the popular uprising and the world turned its eyes away from the Middle East and towards the protests and crises unfolding in the West, the Egyptian Revolution flared up in mighty intensity this weekend as thousands of protesters fought running street battles with riot police in an attempt to reclaim Tahrir Square and overthrow the military junta.


Protesters Clash with Riot Police in Tahrir

Following a peaceful protest on Friday, Riot Police Attempted to Disperse Sit in Violently.. The Video Shows Violence that Ensued.

Cops Pepper Spray Passive Protesters: California

Video of a tense standoff between police and Occupy demonstrators at the University of California, Davis shows an officer using pepper spray on a group of protesters who appear to be sitting passively on the ground with their arms interlocked. (Nov. 19)

Arundhati Roy : The Right To Dream We Are Fighting For Justice

Arundhati Roy @ the People's University in Washington Square Park, held at Judson Memorial Church, 11/16/11.

The People's University is a project of NYU4OWS. Find more info at http://www.facebook.com/nyu4ows and http://peoplesu.tumblr.com

Tuesday morning, the police cleared Zuccotti Park, but today the people are back. The police should know that this protest is not a battle for territory. We're not fighting for the right to occupy a park here or there. We are fighting for justice. Justice, not just for the people of the United States, but for everybody.



Convierte la crisis en una oportunidad y vota EN TU BANCO a quien DE VERDAD CUENTA

Elecciones 2011
Voto útil y económico.
Voto en banco.
Voto al banco.
Tu sucursal te lo pone fácil, deposita el voto en ventanilla o en el cajero automático.


Motivos de la Huelga Estudiantes 17N

Video descriptivo de los principales motivos de protesta de los estudiantes para la huelga del 17 de Noviembre.

Documental #SpanishRevolution ¿Qué ha pasado aquí?

El pasado 15 de mayo nace en España un movimiento protesta en las calles que moviliza a miles de personas en nuestro país. Lo que empieza con convocatoria de rechazo a la Ley Sinde en las redes sociales ha terminado canalizado en el desencanto de buena parte de la sociedad con los partidos políticos y las medidas contra la crisis.


What if we refuse to be citizens?

A Manifesto for Vacating Civic Order

Santiago López Petit

We are Interpellated as Citizens

Today’s citizen is no longer a free person. Citizens are no longer free people who want to live in a free community. A political consciousness that is not taught, but rather conquered, has gradually disappeared. It could not have happened another way. Public space has become a street full of shops that never close, an ongoing television show in which an idiot tells us in detail why he separated from his wife. School, in turn, is not asked to promote a critical consciousness but to merely impart learning of “correct” civic behaviors, variations of a pretense “education for citizenship.” Political struggles seem likewise to have disappeared from a world in which there are only diverse types of catastrophes (economic, environmental, natural, etc.). However, when politicians address us, when they pay lip service to calls of participation, keep calling us citizens. Why? Why is this word, which little by little has been emptied of all political force, still in use?


El Forat de la Vergonya, Spanish with English subtitles

Working Notes for a Revolution

Simona Levi
Barcelona, 23 June, 2011

The contribution I can make is basically some working notes in relation to the activities of the last few months, which are about the type of struggle we have been constructing over the past few years and, on a practical level, on how to face up to the problems that we are encountering at this point.
We believe that the struggle we have been participating in – for the defense of the Internet and sharing – has been crucial for arriving at the #15M movement.
Crucial at two levels.
Firstly for the maturity it has created, which cuts right across all layers of public opinion, both in terms of defending something that belongs to it and is in danger of being snatched away – the neutral Internet – , and secondly in terms of ethical ways of relating to others.

They All Have to Go. Let’s build our own world

Santiago López Petit, 

Originally in Spanish

The phrase, “that’s life” was the capitalist slogan that for years marked neoliberalism’s triumph over our bodies. In hospitals, in schools, in factories… confronted with any demand, their reply was always the same: “that’s life”. In other words, shut up, obey, put your head down… because what is coming will surely be worse. This sensation of generalized impotence had found its way deep inside, like a worm feeding on us, even up to our own will to live. What is there to fight for? What to fight against? What can I do alone?

The unease grew bit by bit. The indignation and rage at seeing our lives being crushed on a daily basis, turned into a kleenex to be used and then thrown away. Meanwhile, the Arab world caught fire. What had seemed impossible was suddenly happening. My uneasiness is also yours, and yours and his and hers… the politicization of the uneasiness outside of the traditional codes allows us to move beyond the impasse in which we were stuck. The marvelous phrase, “real democracy, now” is a good start to the rebellion. It is only a scream, and a scream does not need explication. A scream of disgust against this world, and, at the same time, a scream full of life that forces shut the mouths of all the politicians, that interrupts their monologues, sinking them like the frauds that they are.

Lawrence of Arabia and the (Non) Battle of Sol

Amador Fernández-Savater

In 1929, the editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica commissioned T.E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, to write the entry on “guerrilla warfare” for its 14th edition. In the ensuing text, Lawrence set out the theoretical foundations of the Arab guerrilla against Turkish rule that he himself had led between 1916 and 1918. At Acuarela Libros we published that wonderful text in 2004, along with a study by one of the members of the Italian writers’ collective Wu Ming – specifically, Wu Ming 4 (this autumn, by the way, we will publish Estrella de la mañana, a novel by Wu Ming 4 that features Lawrence as the main character). You can read Science of Guerrilla Warfare here.
As I was rereading the two texts (barely 60 pages in total) over the last few days, I kept getting flashbacks to images of our recent experiences in Madrid during the first week of August: the occupation of Plaza del Sol by the police (this central square in Madrid been taken over by spontaneous camps and an information point since the May 15 mobilisations), the mass demonstrations circulating around downtown Madrid in the middle of the usually sleepy summer, and the final liberation of the square on the night of the 5th – another of those true celebrations that the 15-M movement is getting us dangerously used to.

#spanishrevolution. The Return of the Force with No Name.

Leónidas Martín

In order to avoid the victory of those who scare me, I’ve spent my whole life voting for parties that make me sick. This time I’m not going to do it”. These aren’t my words, they were posted on Twitter by somebody the other day. Some guy that I’ll never meet. A person possessed by “The Force with No Name”.
Seven years ago, on March 13, 2004, I turned up at the headquarters of Spanish conservative party Partido Popular to demonstrate against the Iraq war and its consequences – the Madrid bombings among others. Nobody had organised that demonstration, I received the summons through sms and e-mail and I’ll never meet the people who sent these either.